Powers and Functions

The Lejweleputswa District Municipality has constitutionally prescribed framework functions and responsibilities. These are described below in terms of section 83; read in conjunction with the requirements of sections 84 and 88 of the Municipal Systems Act, 1998.

These responsibilities are as follows:

Municipal Structures Act, S. 83.

  • A municipality has the functions and powers assigned to it in terms of sections156 and 229 of the Constitution.
  • The functions and powers referred to in subsection (1) must be divided in the case of a district municipality and the local municipalities within the area of the district municipality, as set out in this Chapter.
  • A district municipality must seek to achieve the integrated, sustainable and equitable social and economic development of its area as a whole by:
  • ensuring integrated development planning for the district as a whole;
  • promoting bulk infrastructural development and services for the district as a whole;
  • building the capacity of local municipalities in its area to perform their functions and exercise their powers where such capacity is lacking; and
  • promoting the equitable distribution of resources between the local municipalities in its area to ensure appropriate levels of municipal services within the area.