Environmental Profile

Land cover

The most dominant cover type of vegetation in the district is the central free state grassland which dominates the central part including Matjhabeng and Tswelopele and section of Masilonyana areas. The second dominant cover is the Kimberley thornveld which also covers parts of Tokologo and towards Kimberley and other parts of the Free State region. The third grass species that covers the area is the Vaal Vet Sandy grassland which is also prevalent in the central region but continues towards Tokologo and Tswelopele areas of Hoopstad and Hertzogville.


The most dominating type of rock in the region is the volskrust Fm, Ecca Group of rock formation which is located mainly in the central region covering areas in Welkom, Virginia, Theunissen, Brandfort and Winburg. The second dominant type of rock formation is the Adelaide Sb group, Beaufort Grp in the Masilonyana and Matjhabeng area, followed by Madzaringwe Fm, Karoo Sp Group which has become a belt lying along the borders of both Nala and Tswelopele and the north west province. The other type of rock is the Prince Albert fm, Ecca Grp located in the Tokologo area beyond Boshof.